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“I'm really glad I scrolled upon this company! I was leary the first order but I received my order quickly! I have now ordered multiple times and each time they are efficient and quickly send your items! The product seems to work well on my Golden retriever with sensitive skin! She has zero reaction to this flee collar and I haven't noticed any bugs!

Jacie K.


Are you tired of seeing your beloved furry friend suffer from those pesky fleas?

Look no further! FurLife™ has crafted the perfect solution to ensure your pet's comfort and well-being.

Our cutting-edge FurLife™ Anti-Flea Collar is designed with your pet's happiness in mind , you can rest easy knowing that your pet is protected from the misery of flea and tick infestations !


The simplest and most convenient anti-flea solution that works for months.


Experience peace of mind with our anti-flea collar, offering a solution crafted with natural ingredients


FurLife™ collar is specially designed for dogs. Just cut off the excess length for a perfect fit


Does not interfere with other leash collars and can easily be worn simultaneously.


Our flea & tick collar is water-resistant and remains effective following a shampoo treatment, swimming or after exposure to rain or sunlight


FurLife™ collar will cost you around $29.99, which means just $1/month, and this ridiculously low amount keeps you safe from extra jobs and protects your dog around the clock.

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Ensuring Your Dog's Safety and Well-being Has Never Been Simpler!

Choose FurLife™ for a dependable solution in keeping your pet safe and comfortable. Our product is designed with your pet's health in mind

The collar works by releasing natural ingredients that deter pests, making your pet less attractive to them. In the rare event of flea or tick contact, it takes a few days for the protective mechanism to activate

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Protect Your Pet from Fleas and Ticks Safely and Naturally

We understand the importance of keeping your furry friend safe from pests like fleas and ticks, which can pose health risks through their bites and the diseases they carry.

FurLife™ Anti Flea & Tick Collar, is a reliable solution designed to safeguard your pet without harsh chemicals. Our collar offers a natural approach to pest protection, giving you peace of mind while keeping your pet comfortable and healthy

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Experience Gentle Tick Removal with the Power of Nature

Discover the natural effectiveness of our innovative collar, crafted with a unique blend of essential oils. Utilizing our advanced FurSpread® technology, our collar provides comprehensive protection for your pet without any greasy residue, ensuring long-lasting efficacy

FurLife™ helps make your pet less attractive to pests like ticks and fleas, while also reducing the risk of diseases they may carry. Unlike methods involving chemical pesticides, our approach prioritizes your pet's well-being by using only natural ingredients, offering a safe and gentle solution for tick remova

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Comprehensive Protection for Pets of All Sizes

The FurLife™ Collar is designed to be your pet's companion during all your favorite activities

Our collar is built to withstand various conditions, being weather-resistant and water-repellent, ideal for active pets who love outdoor adventures.

With customizable sizing options, our collars offer flexibility to ensure a perfect fit for your furry friend. You can easily trim them to the ideal size whenever needed

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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Over 40,000+ Happy Customers

I've used other flea collars in the past such as Seresto, but the FurLife™ collar is hands down the best. It's easy to put on, and I don't have to worry about it getting wet when my dog goes swimming. Plus, the fact that it's odorless is a huge plus. My pup is happy, and so am I. No more flea worries for us!

-Ryan Adams


I can't express how grateful I am for FurLife™. My dog, Max, used to scratch and bite himself constantly due to fleas. I tried various products, but nothing seemed to work until I got the FleaShield™ collar. Within a few days, Max's itching stopped, and I saw no more fleas. It's been months, and he's still flea-free! Thank you, FurLife™, for giving my pup his happiness back

- Andrew Wilson


As a pet owner, my top priority is my dog's health and safety. The FurLife™ Anti-Flea Collar delivers on both fronts. It's effective at keeping fleas and ticks away, and I appreciate that it doesn't contain any harmful chemicals. My dog, Luna, has been wearing it for months without any issues, and I couldn't be happier with the results. Highly recommend!

- Lauren Brown


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Our Promise

As fellow pet parents, we are confident that the FurLife will protect your pet . Our aim is to provide pet owners with peace of mind knowing that their pet friends are protected against harm . We believe that every pet deserves to be free from the discomfort associated with flea and tick infestations and to enjoy a comfortable life alongside their owners. With FurLife™, you can provide your pet with the care they deserve, promoting their well-being and happiness.


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